Indigenous Art Contest to uplift and better understand urban Indigenous housing experiences in Surrey

June 29, 2020

PosterIf you live in Surrey and identify as Métis, First Nations, and/or Inuit, the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee (SUILC) would like to hear from you!
The SUILC is excited to be launching the #skookumhome Art Contest! This summer long contest is open to all Indigenous-Surrey residents and from all ages and generations. We have some incredible prizes such as custom-made Métis moccasins, an Apple IPad, and much more!
To enter the contest download a colouring sheet with instructions by going to the SUILC’s  #skookumhome Art Contest.
Participants can draw, write a poem or a song, make a collage, take a picture, or any other way that they would like to show creatively and artistically “What would make a house into a home?”.
The SUILC has partnered with a number of inspiring Indigenous artists in the #skookumhome contest including Kwantlen artists Elinor Atkins and Phyliss Atkins and Métis artists Kristi Bridgeman and Lisa Shepard.
All entries into the contest will feed into the SUILC’s Housing Solutions Lab to better understand urban Indigenous housing experiences in Surrey. The Lab will create a strategy for increasing Indigenous housing options in Surrey.
For more information about the Housing Solutions Lab, visit the Housing Solutions webpage
Contest entries will be accepted until August 15th, 2020.
Jeska Slater
Indigenous Social Innovation Coordinator
Skookum Lab