SkoCommunity Findingsokum Lab’s Key Findings
From a comprehensive engagement and research process, the lab found that Indigenous residents feel invisible in Surrey, disconnected from each other, and displaced from their land and culture. These factors profoundly relate to their experience of urban Indigenous poverty; for Indigenous people in Surrey, poverty is about much more than income alone. For more information, see the lab's Community Engagement Findings.
Through our community engagement process, Skookum actors have prioritized 5 Action Areas: Education, Financial Security, Family Connections, Wellness, and Space & Place. 


 Skookum Lab's Four Cs

Based on our Guide Groups’ wisdom, Skookum Lab developed the "4Cs" as the desired impact areas of our prototypes: 

skookum fam
 1. Community Belonging
2. Connection to Family
3. Cultural Awareness/ Visibility, and
4. Cash/ Financial Security




Skookum Prototypes/Initiatives

As of 2020, the lab is now in the prototyping stage and will test these promising initiatives! 


  1. Ambassador_stairs
    Guide Groups: Indigenized community engaement and cutlture-based activities with the Surrey-Indigenous population. 
  2. Ambassador Program: A Surrey Indigenous Leadership Program
  3. Indigenous Housing: An Urban Village Co-op
  4. Indigenous Gathering Space: Many Voices, One Home – A SUILC Led Discussion Paper
  5. Understanding to Action: Racism Through a Social Innovation/ Systems Lens
  6. Evaluating Successes to Scale Up: An Indigenous Social Innovation Evaluation Team & Plan developed to monitor and evaluate 5 prototypes