Through the Skookum Lab research phase and the Lab's Action Areas, specifically #2, it became clear that finding safe, secure, and affordable housing is a significant challenge to Indigenous people living in poverty.
Action Area #2 Financial SecurityQuite simply, there are not enough appropriate housing options for Indigenous people in Surrey. As a result, in the fall of 2019, the Lab prioritized housing for a prototype.
Participants also presented a vision of housing options that could be Indigenous, collective in nature, and facilitate both cultural and economic participation and support.
The Prototype:
The Skookum Housing Solutions Lab prototype will allow for a deeper dive into the needs and aspirations for Indigenous housing in Surrey. Skookum Lab infrastructure will be used to engage the community and other systems entrepreneurs that can support progressive change.
Solutions Lab Objectives:
  • Assess the housing needs and aspirations of Indigenous people living in Surrey
  • Create a strategy for increasing Indigenous housing options in Surrey
Indigenous Child
  • Light touch engagement through a #skookumhome Art Contest and Guide Groups
  • Key informant interviews
  • Ethnographic interviews
  • Literature review
  • Knowledge mobilization strategy
  • Housing focused Campfire Gatherings
  • Convene the Skookum Housing Leadership Group
  • Draft a Housing Solutions report or strategy
The Housing Solutions Lab is nested within the governance ecosystem of Skookum Lab. SUILC is responsible for the overall project. The Skookum Lab Task Force will provide social innovation oversight and operational decisions will be made by the Skookum Lab Housing Leadership Group. This includes:
  • Kekinow Native Housing Society
  • Seven Sacred Fires
  • Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center (FRAFCA)
  • Nova Métis Heritage Association
  • CMHC
  • BC Housing
  • City of Surrey
  • Aboriginal Housing Management Association
Thank you to our funder, CMHC!
The Housing Solutions Lab entitled “Skookum Lab: Urban Housing Solutions for Indigenous Youth and Young Families” received funding from the National Housing Strategy under the NHS Solutions Labs.