Our membership includes all Indigenous organizations operating in Surrey. Other non-Indigenous organizations that have a significant connection to the Indigenous population, such as Fraser Health and the Surrey School District are also committee members.

All the land based First Nation governments with a historic and current connection to what is now the City of Surrey have a standing invitation to participate in all meetings of SUILC.

Our Values

“All my relations” is a sacred phrase that is said at the end of prayers and thanksgiving. It is a phrase that acknowledges everyone’s place in a web of relationships.
Like any relationship, Indigenous relationships in the city must be cared for and nurtured. When we do this, our relationships will become strong and sustain us.
Our values embedded in our work and relationships include:  
  • Respect for the political autonomy of the Coast Salish First Nations in Surrey

  • Respectful engagement with the Coast Salish First Nations in Surrey

  • Cultural understanding and competence

  • Commitment to address racism and intolerance

  • Collective action

  • Perseverance and determination

  • Space for First Nation and Métis voices

  • Inclusive of all Indigenous people regardless of status or membership

  • Caring for and nurturing relationships

  • Leading with our hearts

Metis Women



Semiahmoo Nation
How We Formed
We formed in 2015 as a project committee to develop an urban Indigenous social innovation for Surrey.
In 2017, we released the All Our Relations: A Social Innovation Strategy. This document highlights our collective vision and mission.
A City that values Indigenous contributions to City life. A City that is committed to working towards reconciliation at all levels. A City where every Indigenous person has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
Our mission is to be the collective voice of the urban Indigenous population in Surrey. We will advocate on behalf of all urban Indigenous people in Surrey and work collaboratively with other governments, organizations, and individuals that are committed to understanding and achieving our vision.