SUILC Co-Chairs

Keenan McCarthy

Keenan McCarthy                   

Keenan McCarthy is the past President of the Nova Métis Heritage Association. He actively participates in Métis organizations across the greater Vancouver area and was previously a member of the North Fraser Métis board of directors. Keenan does all of this while studying Political Science and History at Simon Fraser University. He was recognized in 2019 by the Métis Nation of BC as an outstanding youth role model. 


Lyn Daniels

Dr. Lyn Daniels

Dr. Lyn Daniels (EdD) is the Director of Instruction, Aboriginal Learning within the City of Surrey. She is Cree and Metis and belongs to the Kawacatoose First Nation located in southern Saskatchewan. Lyn completed a Doctor of Education degree at UBC in Policy and Educational Leadership in 2016. Lyn’s research focused on Aboriginal college students’ memories of public education and how they compare to the memories of former Indian residential school students and educational policy in the colonial past and present.
Since 2018, the SUILC adopted a Terms of Reference to provide governance structure to SUILC operations, which was completed in January 2018.
In 2020, the SUILC published a Community Engagement Policy which clarifies the expectations of the SUILC when non-Indigenous organizations, governments, or researchers seek to engage or consult with urban Indigenous people in Surrey.  

Working Groups

Currently, the SUILC meets as a“committee of the whole” approximately every two months and hosts a strategic planning retreat once a year in the City. There are also five active Working Groups that meet as needed: 
SUILC Gathering