Skookum Surrey Guide Groups in 2021

January 6, 2022

Skookum Guide Groups have continued to gather and take part in community events throughout 2021. The relationships we formed in 2020 were strengthened throughout 2021.

Our community found new skookum ways to spend time together: we beaded in a few neighbourhood parks, walked some of Surrey’s beautiful trails, and visited some local farms.

“So excited haven't beaded since I was a kid”

  • Skookum community member
 Elders at Bearcreek Park          Cultural sharing at Hawthorne Park
Skookum Surrey beading at Bear Creek Park                      Skookum community members sharing project progress


“I wanted to thank you for putting me in contact with this group. I have been trying many ways to connect with my heritage and develop my artistry. I am so happy to have gained friends and mentors, I recently was approved for an apprenticeship with Mark Anthony Jacobson. I’m really looking forward to it because it should really help with my art pursuits! “

  • Skookum community member


Bear Creek Park was a beautiful spot to bead on hot days with the sheltered tables. Hawthorne Park was perfect for family fun and beading. Holland Park was the spot for the National Truth and Reconciliation gathering. The Skookum Surrey community enjoyed Surrey parks over the spring and summer months.

Skookum TRC DaySurrey community gather to honour all that were impacted by the Residential School Era.


Summertime provided perfect weather for berry picking at Krause Berry Farms. Guide Group participants were able to pick their own berries, have a waffle topped with fresh berries & cream, then cruise the market for freshly made goodies.


“It was a great time and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves”

  • Skookum community member

Skookum elders at Krause Berry Farms                       Krause Berry Farms waffles

Skookum Surrey elder picking raspberries at Krause Berry Farms                       Fresh Krause Berry Farms waffles with Blueberries and whipped cream


Skookum Guide Group members had a wonderful walk in Redwood Park with Sxwnem while talking medicinal purposes of local plants.

Skookum Plant walk

Sxwnem explaining traditional Coast Salish uses for local plants


Skookum Surrey spent a day exploring the UBC Museum of Anthropology together.

Skookum elder at UBC Musuem of Anthropology                         skookum youth at UBC Museum of Anthropology

Skookum Surrey elder exploring the Museum of Anthropology                                                       Skookum Youth exploring the Museum of Anthropology


“Delightful day with Skookum Elders group. Great day being Indigenous Howaa,Howaa,Howaa”

  • Skookum community member


Guide Groups gathered at Crescent Beach to make ceremony dresses together. Enjoying some sewing time while taking in the scenery was quite peaceful. It created an amazing energy for us to make a ceremony dress with.

Skookum Ceremony dress making in Whiterock

Skookum Surrey elders at Cresent Beach with ceremony dresses

Our community also enjoyed some craft fairs with our local artisans.


Skookum Artists

Skookum Surrey artists displaying their goods at the Surrey Farmers Market



Now with our Skookum community connected, we plan to cultivate a city that our next generations can thrive in.


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