All Our Relations

The Surrey Urban Aboriginal Social Innovation Project, led by the SUILC created the All Our Relations Strategy, shedding light on the urban Indigenous experience in Surrey.

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“…if we could all glean the power of this one short statement, we could change the world. We could evoke brotherhood and sisterhood. We could remind ourselves and each other that we need each other, that there is not a single life that is not important to the whole or a single thing that is not worth protecting and honoring.” – Richard Wagamese


The All Our Relations Strategy, a pivotal outcome of the Surrey Urban Aboriginal Social Innovation Project, was a collaborative effort facilitated by the SUILC. This significant initiative unfolded in two phases, each contributing to a better understanding of the urban Indigenous experience within the City of Surrey.

In the first phase, the project delved deep into the experiences of urban Indigenous life in Surrey. The outcomes of this research are documented in our report titled “All Our Relations.” This report laid the foundation for the subsequent phase by shedding light on the challenges, barriers, and varying circumstances of the urban Indigenous community living in Surrey.

The second phase of the Social Innovation Project marked a turning point. Building upon the insights gained in the initial phase, the project team set out to develop a strategy. This strategy is detailed in the report “All Our Relations: A Social Innovations Strategy.” It provides a roadmap to address the issues and barriers that affect urban Indigenous individuals in Surrey.

While the Social Innovation Project reached its conclusion in 2018, its foundational insights persist in our All Our Relations: A Social Innovations Strategy. This strategy guides the ongoing advocacy undertaken by the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee. It continues to inform and drive our efforts, ensuring that the needs and challenges faced by urban Indigenous people in Surrey remain at the forefront of our mission.

All Our Relations: Honouring the Host Nations

SUILC recognizes that we operate on the unceded, ancestral, traditional and current territories of the Kwantlen, Katzie, Semiahmoo, Kwikwetlem, Qayqayt, and Tsawwassen First Nations.