Frequently Asked Questions

SUILC is committed to the urban Indigenous community in the City of Surrey. We advocate on behalf of all urban Indigenous people in Surrey to realize our vision: A city where every Indigenous person reaches their full potential and is thriving. A city where urban Indigenous contributions to city life are valued and a city that is committed to reconciliation and indigenization.

SUILC is a coalition committed to reconciliation, Indigenization, and Indigenous cultural safety through research and advocacy.  

We are not a services organization, a consultation service, or a legal entity.

We encourage you to read through our Frequently Asked Questions to better understand our Committee and role within the City of Surrey.

General Questions

Q: What is the difference between SUILC and Skookum Surrey?

A: SUILC advocates on behalf of urban Indigenous people living in the City of Surrey. SUILC is made up of member organizations that are Indigenous led or have a significant and meaningful relationship with the Indigenous community in the City of Surrey. Skookum Surrey is the engagement initiative of SUILC. On behalf of SUILC, Skookum Surrey engages the urban Indigenous community through cultural activities to more deeply understand the experiences of Indigenous people in the city. The community led engagement facilitated by Skookum Surrey guides and informs the advocacy work of SUILC.  

Q: Does Skookum Surrey provide support services?

A: No. Skookum Surrey’s role is engagement and does not provide support services. Please see our Member Organization as many of them offer support services to Indigenous people living in Surrey. 

Q: What role does Skookum Surrey play in the community?

A: Skookum Surrey engages the urban Indigenous community on behalf of the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee. Skookum Surrey engages the community through cultural activities that often create cultural connections. Skookum Surrey engagements create moments of cultural resurgence, kinship revitalization, cultural connections, and intergenerational knowledge sharing. 

Q: Where is Skookum Surrey located? Do you have an office?

A: Skookum Surrey does not have an office. Skookum Surrey events take place in shared City of Surrey public places. Skookum Surrey events have taken place in Surrey City Hall, City Centre Library, and various parks throughout the city. Please refer to specific event details for Skookum Surrey event locations.

Guide Groups & Gatherings

Q: Who can attend Skookum Surrey events?

A: Skookum Surrey events are open to all Indigenous people living in the City of Surrey, and there is always an open invitation for Indigenous people from the host Nations to attend our events and community gatherings. 

Q: What is a Skookum Surrey Guide Group?

A: The Skookum Surrey Guide Group is an intergenerational group of urban Indigenous people in the City of Surrey that helps to inform the advocacy work of Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee. Guide Groups were born out of the research by Skookum Lab carried out between 2018-2021. The Skookum Surrey Guide Group provides ongoing guidance to the research and advocacy work of the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee.  

Q: How do I become a part of the Skookum Surrey Guide Group?

A: While the Skookum Surrey Guide Group is at capacity, consistently participating in our community gatherings is a great way to become familiar with the Skookum Surrey team and potential opportunities in the future to join a Guide Group. 

Q: When do you have gatherings?

A: We have two gatherings per month. There is one community gathering and one post secondary gathering. Please refer to event details for the location. The Skookum Surrey Guide Group meets once a week.

Q: How can I stay informed about Skookum Surrey events?

A: You can stay up to date on our activities by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and visiting our Gatherings page.

Before Contacting Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee

Q: How can I support the SUILC?

A: As we are not a legal entity and cannot accept monetary donations. You can support us by championing SUILC’s advocacy work, reading our reports, and engaging our research. You can also support us by respecting Indigenous people, increasing your cultural competency, and learning about Indigenous history in Canada and in the City of Surrey.    

Q: How Can I approach the SUILC?

A: Please thoughtfully read through the entirety of our Statement of Community Engagement Policy before approaching the SUILC. Once you have thoughtfully read the entirety of our Engagement Policy, you can contact the SUILC by emailing We can then learn more about your interest in contacting SUILC and whether to arrange for a  meeting with SUILC at one of our regular monthly meetings. 

All Our Relations: Honouring the Host Nations

SUILC recognizes that we operate on the unceded, ancestral, traditional and current territories of the Kwantlen, Katzie, Semiahmoo, Kwikwetlem, Qayqayt, and Tsawwassen First Nations.