In 2015, we came together to facilitate the development of a Surrey Urban Aboriginal Social Innovation Project. Our goal was to develop a deeper understanding of the urban Indigenous experience in Surrey. 

Our research showed that:

  • The urban Indigenous population in Surrey is estimated to be the largest urban Indigenous population of any city in Metro Vancouver;
  • Over the past decade Surrey’s urban Indigenous population has doubled in size;
  • 50% of the urban Indigenous population in Surrey is younger than 25 years old; and,
  • Surrey’s Indigenous child poverty rate of 37% is significantly higher than the national poverty rate for off-reserve Indigenous children and youth.

    StarThe SUILC's research findings are a wake-up call to all of us and require action. 

    Through the All Our Relations Strategy, we are adapting new and creative ways to tackle the most pressing needs of the urban Indigenous community.

    Click HERE to read or download the Executive Summary.