TanyaFrom 2017 until present, we have brought more people and organizations to the table (such as funders and non-Aboriginal service organizations) to create a shared ownership in the development of solutions and strategies for change.
SUILC and our Working Groups share the lead on advancing specific objectives and goals of the All Our Relations Strategy. Our progress report reveals how we are achieving our goals as of August 2019.
Recently, we have:
  • Launched the Skookum Lab Project, a social innovation lab to reduce Indigenous child poverty in the city.

  • Developed a SUILC Community Engagement Policy which clarifies the expectations of the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee when non-Indigenous organizations, governments, or researchers seek to engage or consult with urban Indigenous people in Surrey. 

Keenan & Petter
• Signed a partnership agreement with Simon Fraser University to increase Indigenous pathways to post-secondary education;
• Developed a detailed profile of Indigenous People in Surrey based on 2016 Census data;
• Welcomed Métis Family Services as a new member organization to our coalition; 
 • Collaborated with our partners to raise awareness through Orange Shirt Day, Louis Riel Day, National Indigenous Peoples Day and the Surrey Indigenous Film Series; and, OS
• Recognized Chief Marilyn Gabriel, Kevin Kelly and Michael Kelly Gabriel of Kwantlen First Nation plus the Surrey Aboriginal Group of Elders (SAGE) with Leadership Awards for supporting all of us trying to live an Indigenous life here in the city.

  Looking Ahead

InRuby 1 the years ahead, we are committed to:
Building community connections
We want to amplify our voice and strengthen our community. 
Fully implement the partnership agreement with SFU
Signing the partnership agreement with SFU was a significant milestone. Now we have to demonstrate that the words on the page are meaningful and will result in positive changes for the urban Indigenous population in Surrey.
Decreasing Indigenous child poverty through the SUILC's Skookum Lab
We are designing and implementing prototypes that center Indigenous wisdom. To be successful we will be seeking greater investments from partner organizations that share our goals and approaches to change. 
Using our community connections and engagement experience to address urban Indigenous priorities
The expertise and capacity we have developed in the community for social innovation can be applied to other priority areas like increasing public safety, eliminating racism, and finding affordable housing solutions. We’ve built the infrastructure for change and we intend to use it.
Increasing the visibility of Indigenous people in the City
We will continue to raise awareness and understanding. For us, that includes finding a path forward that will lead to the development of a gathering place or hub for Indigenous cultural activities, social events and services.
Advocating for better services and increased funding
Funding for Indigenous services in the City is increasing yet it still isn’t where it needs to be. We need to get decision-makers to acknowledge that Surrey has the largest urban Indigenous population in BC that will grow to double that of Vancouver’s Indigenous population within the next 20 years.