Skookum means: STRONG, POWERFUL, and BRAVE.
With a strong leadership, powerful methodologies, and a brave community, Skookum Lab has developed new ways to address Indigenous child and youth poverty in Surrey.
While almost half of Surrey's Indigenous population is under 25 years old, 37% Indigenous children and youth live in poverty in Surrey.
Convened by the SUILC, Skookum Lab puts Indigenous wisdom at the centre of its approach to tackle Indigenous child and youth poverty.
OUR GOAL is to make Surrey a great place for Indigenous children and youth!
To learn more about Skookum Lab and our reflections on Indigenous social innovation, read our final report:  Skookum Lab: An Indigenous Reflection of our Social Innovation Journey:

report cover

Our Skookum Lab journey has come to an end and we have started a new journey as Skookum Surrey.  With Skookum Surrey we are committed to advancing all of the learning, organizing, relationships, and advocacy we started in Skookum Lab.  The Lab has come to an end, but Skookum lives on!