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Formerly known as "Skookum Lab", Skookum Surrey carries on the spirit of Skookum by centring Indigenous brilliance to create a flourishing and connected Urban Indigenous Community in Surrey
Our Vision: 
“An urban kinship network of engaged, connected, and empowered people that reflects the rich diversity of the Indigenous community living in Surrey.”
Our Mission: 
“Improve the urban Indigenous experience in Surrey by cultivating community, providing safe and meaningful opportunities to engage on matters that affect us, and by creating space for positive connections to other Indigenous people, families, and services.”
Our Commitment: 
“As we do our work, we will strive to live in a good way with the land based First Nations that have called this land their home since time immemorial.”


Skookum Surrey Logo by Whess Harman.
Whess Harman is Carrier Wit’at, and currently lives and works on the territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh as an artist and the Curator for grunt gallery. Their multidisciplinary practice includes beading, illustration, text, and poetry. As a mixed-race, trans/non-binary artist they work to find their way through colonial exhaustion and queer melancholy with humour and a carefully mediated cynicism that the galleries go hog wild for.

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